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Peplink Site-to-Site VPN Bonding

Enchance VPN Bandwidth And Reliability across Office Branches

VPN Bonding & Failover

VPN is a must for companies with multiple branch offices. Sharing of documents, access to CRM/ERP systems, uploading sales figures, and performing backups are just some of the common uses of VPN. While traditional Internet-based VPNs can be easily set up, they are vulnerable to a host of different problems.

  • VPN interruption
    VPN is based on Internet connectivity, a regular VPN connection will fail when Internet connection breaks in either location.
  • Expensive
    Business relies on expensive dedicated Internet lines to improve the VPN reliability only with fair results. Some business grade routers does not have VPN capacity built in and therefore requires extra firewall or dedicated VPN devices. These costs add up significantly as the business is expanding to additional locations.
  • Limited Bandwidth
    Since a VPN is set up over the Internet, it has to share the same bandwidth with other Internet applications such as web browsing, email, and VoIP. VPN speed therefore fluctuates when the network is under heavy load.

The Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Router Site-to-Site VPN Bonding gives what you need for the ultimate VPN.

The Ultimate VPN for Office Branches

Bonded VPN for multiple locations
Unlike traditional VPN technologies, Peplink's technology establishes and bonds VPN traffic among multiple connections. Encrypted with 256-bit AES, the VPN Bonding feature allows businesses to connect to multiple locations with military-grade protection. When an Internet connection fails, the VPN failover feature will dynamically switch traffic over to the active connections, maintaining uninterrupted VPN service.
Better Performance
Peplink Balance's outbound traffic management feature allows you to prioritize VPN traffic. VPN traffic will have a higher priority and will perform optimally even under heavy network load.
Cost Savings
The increased reliability, as provided by the failover feature, will allow businesses to switch from expensive leased lines (such as T1, MPLS) to a combination of DSL or Cable. With the VPN functionality built in, business can create a VPN network across multiple locations without the need of extra devices. Peplink offers a full line-up with different capacity, giving you the flexibility to choose the right devices for various types of business locations.

Cutting Edge VPN Technology without Hassle

Save Money with a Single-Device Complete Solution
Separate devices are not needed for extra VPN capacity. Peplink Balance comes with everything you need - both Site-to-Site VPN to easily connect multiple sites and the PPTP-VPN Server to enable remote access. Save money and enjoy all the advantages of a complete VPN with Peplink.
Just a mouse click away
Peplink Balance is designed for you and is extremely easy to set up. You don't need to be a professional to configure the Peplink VPN settings. Just enter a few parameters and a VPN tunnel will be established.