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Application in Server Hosting

Cost Effective | Higher Network Capacity

Server Host

Hosting server for business applications such as E-mail services, VoIP phones, and web is becoming more common. The increasing need for quality server hosting introduces new challenges that limit businesses from growing.

  • Bandwidth Limitation
    The bandwidth available on your Internet connection limits the speed and capacity of your application. Your business depends on your network performance. When numerous visitors are requesting access to the server simultaneously, they will experience slow responses which results in their complaints.
  • Lack of Reliability
    Internet reliability is essential when you host your own server. It is impossible to predict when a connection downtime will take place. Each time a visitor experiences problem with accessing your service means losing business.
  • High Operating Cost
    Better network performance is expected as your business expands. A faster Internet connection is needed to support the increasing demands. However, dedicated Internet lines are usually not cost-effective and sometimes the quality they offer might not even meet your requirement.

Data-Center Grade Server Hosting with Inbounding Load Balancing

Inbound Load Balance

Higher Network Capacity

Peplink Balance allows you to increase bandwidth with multiple Internet links combination. With the increased bandwidth, visitors are able to access your server with faster response time and higher speed. Peplink's Inbound Load Balancing Algorithms can further enhance customer experience by enabling visitors to enter your server through different Internet links.

Hosting 100% Server Access Reliability

Often a single network connection does not provide enough reliability even for a home-user. Using a Peplink Balance, you can now combine multiple Internet connections to allow visitors to access your server with 100% reliability. All Internet links will automatically back each other up. When any link becomes unavailable, the Balance delegates traffic through a healthy link to prevent service interruption.

Flexibility with Minimal Cost

Peplink Balance gives you the flexibility you desire to accommodate your business needs while keeping cost minimal. Being able to utilize multiple lower cost DSL/cable connections, you can immediately cut your expensive T1 lines and still maintain the same performance quality or even surpass it. You can aggregate and optimize your Internet connections according to your preference; you can also add more bandwidth anytime to adapt to future network expansion.