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Industrial Telemetry

Industrial factories, infrastructures, and pipelines wired to the Internet or secure network for ease of management and additional data capacity are becoming common. To accommodate this, many device monitors are now equipped with built-in networking capacity, and networking capability can be added to older controllers that need to be used with analog-to-digital converters.

Industrial TelemetryOften equipment is deployed at numerous sites and in remote areas scattered across the country. Collecting data and performing maintenance from each site is time consuming and expensive, and any failure can affect many users and be difficult to troubleshoot. Industrial Telemetry is required, and it demands a highly dependable device to provide a reliable, flexible network connectivity.


Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Routers deliver the reliability and flexibility you need that are perfect for applications such as sensor data logging, remote diagnostics, and controller automations.

Drop In Modes

Reliability in Every Way

With years of success and dependability, Peplink Balance Firmware provides a highly reliable operation every minute of every day. Its multi-wan capacity allows you to deploy numerous connections to ensure network continuity.

Highly Flexible Routing

The enterprise grade features in Peplink Balance allow you to set up your network in a way consumer grade products cannot. Peplink gives you control and flexibility in routing network traffic. Using Peplink's Traffic Manager you can easily select a specific WAN link for transmitting data to the RTU while dedicating another WAN link for PLC processes. Optimizing overall network flow will no longer give you a headache.

3G Support for Remote Deployment

Peplink Balance supports 3G wireless Internet access for remote deployment where Internet service is not available. With Peplink deployed at remote sites you can conveniently gain access to equipment through technologies such as AMR or SCADA, giving you control over different aspects of each unit without having to be present at each site, saving valuable time.

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