Peplink Internet Load Balancing

Instant Improvement to Your Network

Load Balancing

Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Routers increase Internet uptime and speed and save you money by aggregating multiple low-cost connections to form an ultra high-speed network pipeline.

Today's business depends on the Internet. In addition to E-mail or ERP system, Internet is needed for business communication tools like VoIP service and video conferencing. As the popularity of Cloud Computing increases, even more applications such as Office suites and communication platforms require the Internet. A reliable solution for 100% uptime is necessary. While traditional T1 can guarantee significant uptime, it costs too much and provides only a small amount of bandwidth.

Protect your business continuity with a Peplink Balance Mutli-WAN Router by connecting multiple connections for Internet access, aggregating all bandwidths, and load balancing traffic across the connections. Automatic failover will use other connections to act as a back up and maintain continuous access.

Professional Internet Link Load Balancing

Internet Load Balancing 7 Algorithms
Optimize Network Traffic by Load Balancing
Peplink Balance gives you the flexibility to customize your network. Use higher bandwidth connections for critical cloud applications and other connections for surfing the net to ensure smooth transfer.
Advanced Load Balancing Algorithms
Peplink offers you 7 Load Balancing Algorithms to fine-tune your network traffic. Create rules to distribute outbound traffic across all available connections and utilize bandwidth wisely. Using Weighted Balance to put more traffic on faster links or Priority to keep routing traffic on your favored connection only takes a few clicks.
Internet Failover Hosting
Link Failover as Backup
If any of your connections fails, failover will take place and traffic will automatically be routed through other connections. With multiple connections on Peplink Balance, you can access the Internet with no interruptions.
Host Servers with Confidence
Peplink's Inbound Load Balancing Algorithms enable visitors to enter your server via different Internet links to enhance customers experience with a faster response time and higher speed. Hosting Email, e-commerce, VoIP and other business applications has never been easier, faster, and more reliable.
vpn Lock  
Better Connection Between Offices with VPN Bonding
With Peplink Site-to-Site VPN, you can easily connect office branches. Peplink's VPN Bonding fully utilizes all available connections and your VPN tunnel will have the sum of aggregated bandwidth from all the links. Communicating among your offices will become much faster and easier.

Better Internet for Everyone

Uptime Speed Save
100% Internet Uptime
Combine up to 13 Internet connections with a Peplink Balance. By connecting to multiple ISPs, all links are used actively and automatically back each other up in case of individual service outages. Further guarantee Internet uptime with one of the High Availability options by using two Peplink Balance devices for 1+1 Backup, or using a single device for LAN Bypass.
Increase Network Speed
Advanced Load Balancing algorithms are available to speed up your network. Your network traffic will be distributed to different Internet links to achieve an overall increase in network speed and bandwidth. Rules can be defined using Outbound Traffic Manager to optimize the flow of network traffic.
Reduce Costs
You can immediately begin saving by cutting your T1 or any other expensive Internet connections. Buy a Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Router and switch to a combination of regular Internet connections to dramatically reduce your Internet expenses. Use our ROI Calculator and see how much you can save.