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Reliable, high-speed Internet access has become a mandatory amenity to satisfy guests in the hospitality industry, especially business travelers. Peplink Balance provides high-performance traffic management and transparent failover solutions in hospitality environments. However, there are two critical challenges:

Internet Service Interruption

In recent years, there has been a dramatic rise in the demand of instant Internet access in hotel rooms. Internet service interruptions create unhappy guests and cause revenue losses. Since the hospitality industry operates 24/7, Internet service must be available at all times.

Connection Speed

As some travelers commandeer large amounts of bandwidth (using applications such as Peer-to-peer (P2P), online gaming, and Internet TV), other guests, especially business travelers will experience poor connection speeds.

To meet the challenges and deliver high quality Internet service in hospitality environments, Peplink Balance provides a high-performance, multi-WAN solution. In such an environment, a T1 line can be utilized to ensure the requirements of business travelers are met, while low-cost DSL and cable connections can be used for the benefit of leisure travelers. In addition, Traffic Management and Transparent Failover are two highlighted features in hospitality environments.

In this example, traffic that comes from applications like VPN, VoIP (SIP) and remote desktop is prioritized to the T1 connection, which ensures the Internet speed for business travelers.

Reliable Internet for Hotel Guest with Automatic Failover

The Peplink Balance will perform health checks for each internet connectivity at all time. In case of a link failure, it automatically re-routes traffic to a healthy link, providing continuous Internet service. The failover functionality of the Peplink Balance eliminates Internet service interruption, and maintains incredibly stable Internet access for the benefit of hotel guests.

Prioritize Business Related Traffic with Outbound Manager

The Peplink Balance distributes outbound data traffic across multiple WAN links through Outbound Traffic Management. It intelligently segments different application traffic across the specified links. For business travelers, the throughput requirement is much more important than leisure travelers. For example, the traffic from VPN, VoIP (SIP) and remote desktop can be prioritized to T1 connection (WAN1); Email, web browsing, and bandwidth-intensive applications can be enforced to or weighted across cable and DSL connections (WAN 2 and WAN 3). The Peplink Balance ensures and maximizes the Internet speed for business travelers, without sacrificing the increasing requirements of bandwidth-intensive applications. In all, the Peplink Balance makes Internet access a pleasurable experience for each guest.

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