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Peplink Advanced QoS Control

Use Your Internet Efficiently

Advanced QoS

VoIP phones, video conferencing, and web casting are becoming more common and, unlike typical Internet applications such as web browsing and Emails, a slight delay of Internet traffic can ruin the whole experience. Choppy conversation during a VoIP call is frustrating and any disconnection is intolerable.

By using the Quality of Service (QoS) feature on the Peplink Balance, your network can have a smooth flow even while running several applications at the same time. Peplink improves VoIP call quality, video quality and application responses by routing them ahead of all other traffic types to eliminate traffic congestion issues. Users can also be assigned into different groups to allocate more Internet resources to managers while limiting the connectivity of staff, discouraging inappropriate usage.

The Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Router QoS features offer what you need for the best Internet experience.

A Smarter way to use your Internet.

QoS Apps User Group
Application Based QoS
Give priority to Internet applications that matter most, instantly enjoy smoother and clearer VoIP and video conferencing, and accelerate business application connectivity by prioritizing for your ERP server. With Peplink's QoS feature, you have full control of network traffic.
User Groups
Categorize your network devices into one of the predefined user groups and gain control of network usage. Reserve some bandwidth for selected user group to ensure the proper staff have access to the Internet at all times. Simply enter their IPs or subnet and you can start allocating bandwidth resources immediately.
Control Bandwidth Bandwidth Usage Report
Control Bandwidth Usage
Manage your network by reserving bandwidth for each user group and limiting the upload/download speed of each individual device. Prevent congestion due to large file downloads or high bandwidth usage applications, such as Bittorrent. Utilize the Internet with faster speed.
Bandwidth Usage Reports
Easily find out who is clogging the network with bandwidth usage reports. Monitor bandwidth usage of different IPs in real-time and monitor excessive transferring. Daily and monthly reports are generated and stored for your reference at anytime.

Accelerate your Network with Ease.

VPN Solutions Save Money with a Single-Device Complete Solution
You no longer need extra devices for advanced QoS control. Manage users, control bandwidth, and prioritize traffic with a single device that you can trust. Save money and enjoy all the advantages of QoS with Peplink.
Just a mouse click away
Peplink Balance is designed for you and is extremely easy to set up. You don't need to be a professional to configure the Peplink QoS. Assign devices into user groups with just a few clicks.
Quality of Service