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Internet Load Balancing Solution

Interactive Online Classroom | e-Learning

Educational Institution

Demand at Education Institutions for Internet access has never been higher. Students need to access the Internet and perform online research for projects. Teachers make use of highly interactive websites for updating coursework, or even utilize other Internet media like YouTube for broadcasting lectures. These multimedia rich resources greatly enhance the learning experience, but challenge your IT resources.

Educational InstituteThe demand for greater Internet performance in the education sector has increased so fast that many school's Internet connections are now not able to meet demand. Thankfully there is a way to bring the classroom to life again with more Internet bandwidth, and at the same time lower your budget!


Using a Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Router, you can combine inexpensive DSL/Cable broadband connections to accelerate your Internet! It's the perfect network equipment for Education Institutions.


Save Money without Losing Reliability

EducationalLower your budget immediately by cutting your leased line or any other expensive Internet connections. Buy a Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Router, switch to a combination of low-cost Internet connections, and your Internet expense will be reduced dramatically. In case any link fails, the Balance will automatically reroute traffic to the healthy connections, giving you Internet reliability your school has never experienced before.

Enhance Students Learning Experience with Increased Network Speed

The Peplink Balance can help your school to keep up with the increasing Internet bandwidth demand. Just add new inexpensive DSL/Cable connections, and the Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Router will utilize all links to route traffic using Load Balancing Algorithms. You can add or remove connections as demand changes, without additional configuration to the network. Plus, you can optimize your network flow by using its Traffic Manager policies. Now every student can work online more productively!

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