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Application in VPN Bonding

Bonded Bandwidth | Large File Transfer

Remote Broadcast

3G is getting faster, but still can't keep up with demanding mobile applications. Wireless links with high bandwidth are highly desired for applications such as sending live video streams and video conferencing, but performance of wireless connections fluctuate and speed highly depends on the environment. They can't be depended on for carrying out critical tasks.

Max UseData security is essential for transferring business logs and data, especially when enterprise or government sectors exchange sensitive content. Sending data on the road using 3G or a wireless link without proper encryption will put you at risk. Yet, installing an extra VPN device to add encryption can be difficult.

Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Routers and Pepwave MAX Mobile Routers come with VPN Bandwidth Bonding to eliminate challenges in using 3G or other wireless links.

Bonded 3G

Faster Wireless Internet with Bonding

VPN Bandwidth Bonding aggregates all your 3G and wired links, overcoming wireless link performance issues. Uploading pictures, streaming videos, or providing Internet for outdoor events has never been faster and easier. Simply add extra 3G links when you need further higher speed and accelerate to ultimate speed on the run!

3G Reliable Internet Access with 3G Everywhere
Enjoy reliable Internet access everywhere, even when using only wireless links. Just subscribe to multiple ISPs and have the 3G connections back each other up to add reliability. Combining VPN Bandwidth Bonding with Failover mechanisms dynamically bonds the bandwidth of all healthy links and avoids session disconnects from failed links, providing a fully reliable wireless connection.
Security Secure Data Transfer on the Road
Our VPN technology ensures that transferring files on wireless links is maximally secure. All data is 256-bit AES encrypted with military-grade protection. Encrypted data are split over multiple paths randomly and only become useful information when they reach their destination. Now sending sensitive business data on 3G connections can be worry-free.