Professional Load Balancing

Load Balance

Expert Grade Internet Link Load Balancing

Peplink's goal is to provide you a world-class Internet Link Load Balancing experience. Adding Internet connections to a network increases the network's complexity and opens the possibility for compatibility issues. The Peplink Balance's specialized multi-WAN intelligence ensures your Internet experience will remain functional and reliable. If you need more control, you have the ability to fine-tune how specific traffic should be load balanced across your connections. For example, you can easily route mission-critical traffic to your primary line and bulk Internet traffic to the least expensive one.
3g Internet Reliability Without Wires. Change your mobile Internet experience with Peplink Balance. With new mobile network support, you can use Peplink Balance as a 3G mobile router or take advantage of your 3G data plan as a backup link in your office. Just plug your mobile device into the USB port and start enjoying the ultimate Internet reliability only Peplink Balance can provide.
(Only available on Balance 20W, 380 or above, or Pepwave MAX).

WAN Management Made Easy

Peplink Balance lets you set advanced rules to manage your WAN connection using Outbound Policy. With 7 Load Balancing Algorithms for your selection, assign specific applications to be load balanced differently to meet your network requirements. Changing rules priority is as simple as a drag and drop.

Host Servers With Confidence

Your servers expect data-center grade Internet reliability and with Peplink Balance's built-in DNS server you can deliver just that. Visitors will enter your server via different Internet links using inbound load balancing. With a faster response time and higher speed, the customers web experience will be greatly enhanced. Better web performance attracts more visitors, and who doesn't want more business? You can also redirect traffic to the server of your choice using Inbound Port Forwarding and One-to-one NAT.